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By the Book: A Conversation With Gregory F. Tague, Author of

By the Book: A Conversation with Gregory F. Tague, Author of The Vegan Evolution: Transforming Diets and Agriculture
Thursday, April 28, 2022 | 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
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Why do we raise billions of animals every year, at great loss to environmental systems, only to slaughter and eat them? Humans have dominated the earth and have capitalized from the habitats of others-fishing, hunting, and raising forests to farm animals for food. In his latest book, Gregory F. Tague, author of An Ape Ethic and the Question of Personhood, explores the complex connections of our food choices with our spirituality, what makes us human, and how we want to live on this earth. We evolved from plant-eating species, and our primate relatives remain committed to mostly a plant-based diet. In his compelling book, Tague argues that because we are evolving more culturally than biologically, it stands to reason for health and environmental reasons we develop a vegan economy. Widespread adoption would be beneficial to animals, healthful to us, and salvation for our planetary ecosphere.

Gregory F. Tague, Author of The Vegan Evolution: Transforming Diets and Agriculture, Professor of Literature, Writing and Publishing/Interdisciplinary Studies, Founder and Senior Developer of the Evolutionary Studies Collaborative of St. Francis College
Robyn S. Hederman, Co-Chair, Animal Law Committee

Sponsoring Committee:
Animal Law, Robyn Hederman and Rebecca Seltzer, Co-Chairs

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