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Banished from New York City

Banished from New York City:
The Legality, Policy Considerations, and Practical Implications of the Housing Restrictions Faced by People on the Sex Offender Registry
  Tuesday, September 11, 2018 | 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m
Program Fee: Free for Members and Non-Lawyers | $15 for Non-Members

Non-Lawyers, please call Customer Relations at 212-382-6663 to register.

In New York City, there are hundreds of men and women on the sex offender registry who are subject to the Sexual Assault Reform Act (SARA) residency restriction, which prevents them from living within 1,000 feet of a school. This little-known restriction has created enormous constitutional problems. Because our densely-populated city contains virtually no residences that comply with this restriction, prisons are holding these people past the length of their prison sentences if there is no SARA-compliant housing available – a time period that usually extends longer than a year. This event will address the history and policy behind the residency restriction, the impact of SARA on people who have committed sex offenses, and the legal challenges being made on behalf of people affected by SARA.

Michael Burke, Hodges Walsh Messemer & Burke, LLP
Bill Dobbs, Publisher, Dobbs Wire, newsletter about sex offense law and policy; Advisor, Sex Offense Litigation and Policy Resource Center at Mitchell Hamline Law School
Emily Horowitz, Professor and Chairperson, St. Francis College, Sociology and Criminal Justice Department
Susannah Karlin, Licensed Social Worker, Center for Appellate Litigation
Robert Newman, Legal Aid Society, Criminal Defense Practice, Special Litigation Unit
Greg Williams, The Fortune Society

Camilla Hsu
, Appellate Counsel, Center for Appellate Litigation

Sponsoring Association Committee:
Criminal Justice Operations Committee, Sarah J. Berger, Chair

Co-Sponsoring Organization:
New York Sex Offense Working Group

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