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Police Officer Testimony:
A Quarter of a Century After the Mollen Commission
Tuesday, October 3, 2017 | 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

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In a number of court decisions over the past year, judges have either suppressed or vacated a conviction based on police testimony found not to be credible. While these cases represent a small percentage of cases in the court system, the subject of police testimony has arisen over the years. It has been a quarter of a century since this subject was reviewed by the Mollen Commission. Our distinguished panel members will discuss police testimony and whether the subject has become an issue for the courts; what type of training do new police officers receive on this subject; challenges by the defense; and what role should be played by the prosecution and judiciary.

Hon. Lawrence Byrne, Deputy Commissioner for Legal Matters, NYPD
Alan Dershowitz, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University
Hon. Barry Kamins, Former Supreme Court Justice; Author, New York Search & Seizure
Justine Olderman, Managing Director, Bronx Defenders Services
Hon Dineen Riviezzo, Supreme Court, Kings County
Hon. Cyrus Vance, Jr., Manhattan District Attorney

Sponsoring Association Committees:
Criminal Law Committee, Monica J. Hickey-Martin, Chair
Criminal Courts Committee, Kerry Ward, Chair
Criminal Advocacy Committee, Michael C. Miller, Chair
Civil Rights Committee, Philip Desgranges, Chair
Criminal Justice Operations Committee, Risa B. Gerson, Chair

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