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Rule of Law Forum - Preserving the Rule of Law in an Age of

Rule of Law Forum – Preserving the Rule of Law in an Age of Disruption
Session 5: Rebuilding the Rule of Law in America: What Can and Should the Legal Profession, Individual Lawyers and Citizens Do?
Wednesday, November 18 | 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Program Fee:
Free for Members and Non-Lawyers | $15 Non-Members
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Please Note: All attendees will receive an email confirmation including a Zoom invite two hours prior to the program with details on how to access the chat.

This five-part series will feature panels of respected experts from across the political spectrum – including former government officials, judges and scholars – who will identify current challenges and threats to the rule of law in America, discuss why they matter and propose remedies. The goal is to create an ongoing and thought-provoking discussion among the legal profession, the academic community and the public about what can and should be done to assure that America remains a nation governed by law even in a time of crisis – or especially in a time of crisis – and to identify the actions necessary for our justice system to promote the impartial, equitable and effective enforcement of those laws.

This session will explore the role of individual lawyers, professional organizations, and citizens in protecting the rule of law as a guiding principle in American public life and in restoring the norms and standards by which we may remain a society governed by transparent rules equitably applied. Speakers will discuss the history of efforts by the organized bar to support and sustain impartial justice, the scope of pro bono work by the private bar and the private sector, the ethical standards guiding government officials, and the education of the public about the necessity of acting to protect  a fair and equitable rule of law. Speakers will draw on their own experience to offer lessons for members of the bar on building on one’s own background and training to promote the rule of law domestically and abroad.

Keynote Speaker:
John Feerick, Fordham Law Dean Emeritus and Norris Professor of Law, Fordham Law School

Robert Cusumano, founder and CEO, Legal Horizons Foundation; former Corporate General Counsel
Harold Hongju Koh, Sterling Professor of International Law and former Dean, Yale Law School; former Legal Adviser of the U.S. Department of State
Hon. Mary McGowan Davis, Former New York State Supreme Court Justice; Chair, UN Independent Commission of Inquiry for the 2014 Gaza Conflict; International Human Rights Lawyer

Sponsoring  Committee:  
Task Force on the Rule of Law, Stephen L. Kass, Chair

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