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The Sea Is Rising: Keep Your Assets Above Water

The Sea Is Rising: Keep Your Assets Above Water
Public Affairs Luncheon
Tuesday, April 9, 2019 | 12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Program Fee: $30


The sea is rising, affecting thousand of costal communities around the world.  We have passed a tipping point and are now in a new era - one where the melting of global ice sheets will dramatically transform our world.  Rising sea level is already adding to the flood threats from short-lived events like storms, "king tides", and record rainfall. John Englander clearly explains the latest science and puts sea level rise into a historical perspective. He then paints a vivid picture of what we can expect in the future, the potential solutions and what we must do now to create resilient cities and communities.  We have a choice: 'bury our ends in the sand', or look to the horizon, to see the big wave headed our way and get prepared.

John Englander
is an oceanographer, consultant and leading expert on sea level rise.  His marine science background coupled with explorations to Greenland and Antarctica allows him to see the big picture of sea level rise and its revolutionary impacts.  He is Founder and President of the International Sea Level Institute, a new non-profit organization focused on explaining the latest science about long-term rising sea level.  The Institute teaches professionals in engineering, architecture, finance, law and planning to prepare for the year ahead, including explaining the financial risks of increased flooding and advocating for "intelligent adaptation."

Sponsoring Association Committee:
Senior Lawyers Committee, Barry Bloom, Chair
Public Affairs Luncheon, Frank Wagner, Chair

Co-Sponsoring Association Committee:
Environmental Law Committee, Joseph Kevin Healy and Amy E. Turner, Co-Chairs

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