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Sequestered: Making Working At Home Work

Sequestered: Making Working at Home Work
Monday, April 6, 2020 | 12:00 pm -12:45 pm

Program Fees:
Free for members | $25 non-members

You’re home. Everything’s closed and we’re all practicing social distancing. Now what? 

The what is finding ways to Make This Work! That is, work for you, your family, your clients, and the firm. This program delivers relevant and immediately actionable suggestions to accomplish that goal.

We’ll use what I call thoughtful evolution to Make This Work! How can we reimagine our Work and our Home into a picture that blends them together in a productive and meaningful way? The answer is found by breaking the discussion down into three separate buckets:

• Flexible Living. Home is now a fully integrated work/life environment.
• Variable Focus. Interval training techniques work for productivity too.
• Dynamic Interaction. The “family” now includes the kids, your significant other, colleagues and clients.

Spend thirty minutes with us to learn how you can blend your work and personal lives into a new way of getting things during this (temporary) sequestration!

Paul H. Burton, QuietSpacing LLC. Paul is a former corporate finance attorney who helps people regain command of their day. As a nationally recognized time management expert, he regularly speaks to professional audiences about getting more done and enjoying greater personal and professional satisfaction. Paul based this program on his decades of experience working from home and while traveling. You can learn more about Paul and his practice at

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