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Stress in the Time of Corona (Webinar - Audio Only)

Stress in the Time of Corona:
How to Lead Yourself and Other Attorneys During Extraordinary Times
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 | 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
This program is at capacity. Please call Customer Relations (212.382.6663) for waitlist.

Please Note: This program will be in a live webinar format — it will consist of audio-only instruction by the faculty, along with a visual aid presentation.

For New York Attorneys: This live webinar format is acceptable for all attorneys (both newly admitted and experienced) for all credit types. This includes, for newly admitted attorneys, Skills credit (through June 30,2020, per recent guidance of the CLE Board – for more information, click here).

Program Fee:

Free for Members | $50 for Nonmembers

CLE Credit:
New York: 1.5 Law Practice Management
New Jersey: 1.5 General
California: 1.5 General
Pennsylvania: 1.0 General
Connecticut: Available to Licensed Attorneys

This program provides transitional/non-transitional credit to all attorneys

In today’s world of uncertainty, attorneys must intentionally lead themselves and others as they adapt to daily challenges of providing client service during these extraordinary times. Attorneys need to upgrade their personal “operating system” so that even during the chaos caused by COVID-19, they are able to create their new “normal,” embrace innovation, confronting their own, colleagues,’ and clients’ fears with optimism, objectivity, and aplomb. This is on top of the pressures to deliver excellent work product, on a timely basis, while meeting billable hour requirements, which make maintaining a healthy outlook difficult and positive self-leadership a must. Unlike in other professions, lawyers are judged on a monthly, if not weekly basis on both quality and quantity of work.

Each participant takes the short-from version of an assessment called the Actualized Leader Profile (the “ALP”), developed by Dr. William Sparks and based on years of research tested for validity and reliability. The ALP reveals the person’s core motive drivers and corresponding strengths, and what these drivers mean for how a lawyer manages his or her stress.  In particular, the assessment highlights the person’s “shadow” thoughts and behaviors, which are indicative of a stressed and catastrophized outlook. The program imparts tools for recognizing when the shadow has taken over, and how to step out of the shadow and into the light. Each lawyer learns how to pinpoint triggers before they cause unmitigated stress, burnout, and pessimism. Once pinpointed, the lawyer then learns short-term strategies for successfully stepping out of the shadow in that moment, and longer-term strategies for building resilience and reducing reactivity and susceptibility to said triggers. The reduction in the frequency and severity of “shadow” experiences is essential to improving firm culture.  

In summary, participant lawyers will be able to:  

  • Mitigate the effect of triggers by understanding “shadows,” (the distorted ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving when under stress,) and reframe the catastrophized and “shadowed” story objectively
  • Improve one’s ability to operate in the face of difficult circumstances, which improves firm culture by reducing the number and severity of “shadow” experiences
  • Maintain an optimistic outlook, thereby preventing burnout
  • Improve the ability to operate better in the workplace because the lawyer understands and recognizes the sources of stress, and is able to reframe events such that the feeling of stress is either entirely avoided or minimized
  • Transform culture by reducing the severity and frequency of the bystander’s experience of “shadow” behavior

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Program Instructor:
Anne E. Collier, MPP, JD, PCC,
CEO, Arudia

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