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May 2021

May 2021

Careers in Non-Profits
ACT: Helping People Discern The Impact of Avoidance on Their Mental Health
Emerging Legal Paradigms: Conscious Contracts®
Weekly Mindfulness Break
Senior Lawyer’s Chatroom
Propulsion Lab for New Firms • a Small Firm Circle
How to Become an Assistant District Attorney
100 Days: Accountability on Immigration
Yoga for Lawyers
Small Firm Chats - Stay Connected With Your Peers and Us!
Senior Lawyer’s Chatroom
Weekly Mindfulness Break
How To Become a Judge Series (2020/21)
The New Old Age and Generation Grandparent
How To Become A Judge: Kings/Queens/Richmond Counties Suprem e and Civil Court
Chapter 15 At 15
A Conversation With Chris Hedges: Corporate Totalitarianism
Senior Lawyer’s Chatroom
Pandemic Survival Toolkit for Lawyers
Weekly Mindfulness Break
Manhattan District Attorney Candidate Forum
Annual Meeting of the Association
The Legacy of Colonialism in Today’s Africa
Best Practices to Help Build Your Personal Brand and Busines s in the Time of Social Distancing Program
Yoga for Lawyers
Lawyer Assistance Committee Volunteer Appreciation Celebrati on
The Senate Filibuster --- Abolish, Restrict or Live With?
Small Firm Chats - Stay Connected With Your Peers and Us!
Senior Lawyer’s Chatroom
Weekly Mindfulness Break
Privacy in the Wild: Why the Privacy Interests of Animals Ma
Women Leaving the Law During COVID-19:
How To Become A Judge: Federal Courts
How To Become A Judge: Citywide Family Court/Criminal Court/ Court of Claims
Real Talk from Women General Counsels: What Do Women Owe Eac h Other in the Workplace?
Virtual Cocktail Hour for Solos and Small Firm Members
Unlock the Golden Handcuffs: Free Your Money and Mind to Pur sue the Career You Desire