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"Death At Seaworld": Examining Killer Whales in Captivity

"Death at Seaworld": Examining Killer Whales in Captivity
Tuesday, May 27, 2014; 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM There is no charge for this program, please sign in to register.

The subject of marine mammal captivity has recently generated considerable public interest and debate, particularly concerning the associated animal welfare and public safety issues. This program will discuss the legal and factual implications of marine mammal captivity and feature author David Kirby, who will discuss his book "Death at SeaWorld," which examines the exhibition of orcas by the entertainment industry.

Moderators: Rachel Berardinelli, Member, Committee on Animal Law; Spencer Lo, Member, Committee on Animal Law Speaker: David Kirby, Author, "Death at Seaworld: Shamu and the Dark Side of Killer Whales in Captivity" Sponsored by: Committee on Animal Law, Christine Mott, Chair

42 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036

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