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September 2021

September 2021

The Paperless Law Firm: 5 Practical Tips to Make the Modern Office a Reality
Careers in Compliance for Minority Law Students
Primer on Cross-Border Prosecutions in Argentina, Brazil, Co lombia, and Mexico for U.S. Criminal Lawyers
Small Firm Chats - Stay Connected With Your Peers and Us!
The Rule of Law in Haiti
1st Generation Experiences
White Collar Crime in 2021: A Discussion With Authors of Rec ent Books Addressing the Evolving Landscape of White Collar Criminal Enforcement
The 2021 Mortimer H. Hess Memorial Lecture
Thriving in Times of Transition: A Program for Return-to-Work Anxiety
Networking and Interviewing in the Virtual World: Navigating Networking and Interviewing in the Virtual World: Navigating the COVID-19 Landscape
29th Annual Henry L. Stimson Medal Presentation
Law Student Welcome Kickoff
Yoga for Lawyers - With Equinox
Making the Most of the New Lawyer Institute
Raising The Bar of Hope: A Candid Conversation With Black Fe Girls in Schools
Primer on Cyber-Security Challenges in Argentina, Brazil, Me lombia, and Mexico for U.S. Criminal Lawyers
BootCamp: Basic Training for Lawyers